Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fluke, Fornicators and Fabricators

“We are here to nominate a president and I’ve got one in mind, former President Bill Clinton told delegates at the Democrat National Convention last night.
I bet he does have one in mind — his wife.
Clinton’s speech at the DNC had to be one of the toughest jobs — renominating President Obama to a second term.
Only four years ago Clinton hated no one more than Barack. This “fairy tale” campaign Clinton had spoken of is now asking for a second term.
The relationship was beyond frosty in 2008. Remember what happened in South Carolina?
“I think that they played the race card on me,” Clinton said of the Obama campaign. “We now know, from memos from the campaign that they planned to do it all along.”
I personally would love to be in that ballot box when Clinton pulls the lever for Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan come Nov. 6th.
Clinton was the first Democrat in this week’s convention to have the audacity to say “We are better off than we were four years ago.”
Are we?
Debt skyrocketing, unemployment up, gas up, and college tuition up. And we are better off?
Yesterday, I wondered if liberals are delusional — but I think the real question is are liberals just liars?
Day Two at the DNC appears more like Sin City.
Let’s start with Clinton — who cheated on his wife, desecrated the Oval Office and was impeached.
He is the poster child for everything that is right with the Democrats.
Then you have Elizabeth Warren who rigged the system by declaring she was Cherokee Indian. By Warren’s standards I am an Indian as well; 1/32 that is.
And don’t even get me started about Saundra Fluke.
The Queen of Contraception was given speaking time at the Democratic National Convention.
You can’t make this stuff up.
A woman that believes the taxpayers should pay for contraception and abortion.
If these three people are some of the “best” of the Democratic Party than God help us all.
What fundamental transformation occurred in the Democratic Party that when the words “God and Jerusalem” were added back to the platform boos and jeers could be heard throughout the stadium.
Here’s some advice for the Democrats — watch out for cloud to ground lightning.

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