Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 3: "The Next Vice President of the United States"

Like I predicted in my last blog post — Day Three was even better.
From the start to the end, the day was filled with twists and turns and much excitement.
Exhausted from yesterday’s convention work, I set my alarm for noon convinced I would wake up before noon… I didn’t. Upon waking up I followed my normal routine which obviously includes checking my email inbox.
The first email I noticed was from Fox News and Commentary Host Todd Starnes. It was titled
“Sarah Palin.” I freaked out.
I opened the email and listened to a personal message from the one and only Gov. Sarah Palin of the Great State of Alaska. For anyone that knows me, I could promise you they all wanted to see my face.
I thank Gov. Palin for taking time out of her day to encourage me to keep up the fight to restore America come this November.
The Page Program then drove us to the convention center to perform our duties of placing literature on each delegate and alternate seat.
During our breaks today I was able to meet some high profile guests including Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Sustren, former Senator Rick Santorum, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Gov. Rick Perry, and Mrs. Janine Turner of Constituting America.
The program was filled with great speakers who lit up the room. It seemed like it was VP Short list night and then finally concluded with the one on the shortest list — the next Vice President of the United States Paul Ryan.
My 2008 presidential favorite former Gov. Mike Huckabee started the prime time speakers for the night.
We then moved on to Gov. Susan Martinez who is the first Hispanic female Governor in US history and a rising star in the GOP.
And then the two most anticipated speeches of the night, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Future Vice President of the United States Paul Ryan.
Rice was a great communicator. An outstanding woman with an outstanding past. She electrifying the crowd and was a perfect opener for Representative Ryan.
“I accept your nomination as Vice President of the United States” and the crowd goes wild. Ryan’s speech was the most exhilarating thus far in the convention only to be overshadowed by the candidate himself tomorrow evening.
America can do better and we WILL do better beginning this November with the Comeback Team.
As I wrote this blog late Wednesday night the stage was being transformed for Gov. Romney’s speech later tonight.
Lucky for Republicans — we don’t have to worry about hauling those Styrofoam Greek columns from a studio lot.

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