Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"We Are All Cheeseheads"

The nation’s newest conservative superstar is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

First and foremost congratulations are needed for the Governor, but most importantly the thousands of volunteers who made this win possible.

The hatred and vitriol shown by the union thugs in Wisconsin will only continue into the November election but on a much larger scale across the United States. Add Walker to the list of detested conservatives by the left, soon to join the ranks of Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin.

Liberal shenanigans occurred throughout the state with Breitbart.com reporting a turnout of over 119% in Madison Wisconsin. Even with the zombie apocalypse occurring throughout the States, the dead couldn’t cast enough votes to elect Barrett Governor.

President Obama in a campaign tour near the cheese state earlier today wouldn’t even swing by and flaunt his support for Barrett. Whether this was because he knew of the impending loss, OR that he didn’t want to hamper Barrett’s chance of success even more.

This upcoming November be prepared to see ACORN and its affiliates in full force throughout the county. No wonder why the Obama administration’s Department of Justice is suing numerous states trying to enact measures to prevent voter fraud.

I would do anything to be in the same room with Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow, and the whole MSNBC crew this evening. With plummeting ratings already they once again have nothing to hang their hat on.

All eyes were on Wisconsin this week and what this win proved more than anything is that boots on the ground and the drive to make change will always succeed. American’s for Prosperity was crucial in this win and through them I was given the chance to spread my resources toward Wisconsin. My “I Stand with Walker” rally sign will proudly remain on my wall till our nation is restored as a constant reminder of the needed rally cry.

What thrills me most about this win is that in special election after special election the liberal candidate continues to loose. Free markets and conservatism time and time again prevail. With God’s grace I pray that this recall election win carries over to November.

Dalton is a conservative teen in America's heartland, follow him on Twitter @dglasscock

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