Friday, April 6, 2012

"Dispatches from Bitter America"

My friends, America is in turmoil at every turn. Millions out of work, an ever rising debt, and our Christian faith and heritage attacked on a daily basis. I do have hope, hope not in a single man who lives at1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but a hope and faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Todd Starnes’ "Dispatches from Bitter America" puts into perspective the world that we live in; a world where the White House Christmas tree has an ornament of Chairman Mao, to where a third grader is barred from reading his Bible.

Starnes’ book must be used as a call to action to Christians nationwide. This book combines stories about the continued attack on the heart of America to show how prevalent the problem is. One chapter which sickened me the most was where elementary school boys and girls reportedly sang "Obama Loves the Little Children" replacing Obama with Jesus. Yet at the same time school children in Philadelphia couldn’t even mouth the lyrics of "We Three Kings". The attack on our faith does not stop there as you will find in the book hundreds of examples of the double standards practiced by the left, and the average law abiding citizens who are the ones most affected.

So for all gun toting, chicken eating and bible clinging Americans, grab your arms (Disclaimer: Figuratively of course) and join the fight to take this nation back. Here in fly over country there are many of us who still believe that America is the land of opportunity and faith and the world’s inspiration in these troubling times. The nation must humble itself before the Lord and we will then be the beacon of faith that we have been destined to be.

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