Friday, March 23, 2012

Second Anniversary of ObamaCare

Two years ago the largest overhaul of this nation’s healthcare industry occurred. With one swipe of his pen, President Obama, signed into law a monstrosity.  What strips away our religious freedoms, our personal responsibility and rights, and tramples over the constitution time after time? ObamaCare MUST be repealed.

ObamaCare is easily the worst bureaucratic mess in our nation’s history; and the woman to lead up this fight is none other than the wicked witch of the Midwest,  Kansas’ former Governor and now Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mrs. Kathleen Sebelius.  

While most problems in DC arise with blame from both parties, ObamaCare passed without a singular Republican vote, making it solely the left’s brainchild.

The fate of our future is on the line and we must take a stand now, before it is too late. America is at a crossroads: Do we follow the left’s unconstitutional socialistic mentality or the right’s approach to free market, personal responsibility and an unending faith in our creator?

 This is our opportunity to make a change! The clock has almost struck zero and this is our last time to stand up for what we so profoundly believe in. On November 6th 2012 we must and we will give President Obama a pink slip and we WILL repeal ObamaCare once and for all!
As a young individual in this nation I am frightful, yet remaining hopeful in the course of our nation. Americans are beginning to wake up and realize what is happening to our county.  ObamaCare will be used as a figurehead and a showcase for the Republican candidate of contrast between them and the President. Americans were fooled once in 2008 and elected Obama, but will we be fooled again?  Let us hope and pray that change does come and that at this time next year we will be celebrating a land free from unconstitutional mandates, a land where prosperity does grow, and a land that is better than the previous generation.