Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Crowded GOP Field?

Flip on any cable news station at any hour of the day and you will hear a constant stream of television pundits expressing their deep concerns for the Republican Presidential Field. However, to the contrary many if not all republicans are actually expressing excitement and hopefulness with the current field.
From Tim Pawlenty, to Herman Cain, and from Michelle Bachmann to Mitt Romney, each Republican currently seems to have their pick. With some candidates like Newt Gingrich quickly losing ground; not because of his views; but because his rapidly fleeing teem, and others soaring in the polls such as John Huntsman the field is now becoming very competitive.
So far so good when referring to clean campaigning, but that will doubtfully last too long, Fists will be flying and punches knocking candidates down; we soon will see strong conservative candidates fighting for the top position.
While I have some of my favorite choices, the list of potential nominees is not even close to being complete. Herman Cain seems to top my list at this current moment but with the election so far away things can and will probably change.
I believe all the potential nominees are qualified and ALL would be better than the current inhibitor of the White House. So whenever you hear TV pundits criticizing the GOP field on experience just tell them to take a look at the Democratic nominee…

God bless,
Dalton Glasscock


  1. Watch out blogging world....Dalton Glasscock has officially started to take over every aspect of the GOP world. (Good thing you have 29 years until that important 2040 election hah.)
    Congratulations on your new endeavor Mr. Prez, I'm sure you will be successful and will reach out to those who need to.
    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Morgan! 2040 it is :) Now I think we should get you in the blogging world my friend! Its really not as bad as it seems.
    Join the Club.